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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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pam moore>>: off the top tonight at eleven: a relative of a man and his son who both drowned in the bay when their boat capsized. is speaking out about his family's tragedy. kron-4's jeff bush is live in south san francisco with the details. jeff? jeff bush>>: earlier this evening i spoke to the oldest brother and he said their family is crushed and devastated by the death of his little brother and father. they were fishing in a canoe that they had used several times before. wan and the oldest brother explained what they
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heard about what happened. >>:they were fishing and the boat capsized. my little brother reflected over botanic capsize again because of the waves. he was swimming for sure to get some help but they did not see if he made it to shore or not. that is when they'll split apart. the two eventually died from exposure. the family is devastated. larissa was engaged to be married to the sun and they were looking forward to starting a family after the wes- line--graduated from college. juan says he was looking forward to having a less than the family and that he wins overwhelmed by the sadness. >>:he was the glue to the family he's. held everybody together. nobody is perfect but he was
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smart and he was supposed to graduate this may. j new-lineuan was telling me that he was trying to stay strong for the rest of his family. pam moore>>: new video shows what appears to be robbery suspects. who, witnesses say, were then involved in the shooting death of a security guard in san jose. there is hope tonight. that the release of the video. will help bring the criminals to justice. kron 4's j-r stone has the story from san jose. >>j.r. stone the owner says this video was taken on saturday night before gunshots rang out and before security guard was gunned down in the parking lot. in the video you see a group of men jumped- walk-in-to the store laughing and joking around. at one. , one of the guys bought a bottle of liquor. the men make
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to gestures. a thumbs-up signal and a hand movement. a moment later one of the group believes. then at one of the guys who previously left the store came back. he falls over in the doorway and later glass can be seen breaking in the window. it was during those moments that the owner says that security guard was killed. the man who ran out of the store got into a car and driver of the car shot into the store killing the security guard. i tried to speak with the san jose police but my calls and e- mail or not returned. at this point no arrests have been made. pam moore>>: two armed men stormed an east bay pizza restaurant last night. they shot the clerk and robbed the business.. tonight. police have released surveillance video showing the two men. entering a little
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caesars pizza on san pablo avenue. in el cerrito. the dramatic video shows one of the men armed with a gun. and shooting the store clerk in the arm. also read of the men fled with stolen cash. and were last seen running across the parking lot. one man describes hearing the gun fire. while on his way to buy a pizza. >>:"i told my kids we was going to get a 5 dollar pizza and soon as we heard the gun shot i was like no uh-uhit was kind of chaotic man" pam moore>>: fortunately police say, the pizza clerk who was shot is going to survive. the suspects are said to be hispanic men in their 20's or 30's. wearing dark clothing and sweatshirts with hoods covering their faces. tonight, president obama says, he has the law and history on his side. as he grapples with a texas judge's order. which temporarily blocks mr. obama's executive actions on immigration.
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>>:president obama: i disagree with the ruling and i do not agree with the appeal. this is not the first time in a lower court judge has blocked something or attempted to block something that ultimately, was shown to be wrong. pam moore>>: the first part of the order -- affecting children in the country illegally -- was supposed to start tomorrow. and a response today from california's governor. jerry brown issued a brief statement today. on the judge's ruling. governor brown says. quote - "california stands firmly with the white house. further delay will not fix our broken immigration system." reporter>>: here they immigration reform battle is. is. here activists are denouncing the move by a texas judge to delay present obama is ruling.
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>>:this is my opportunity to show the people that i am a good man and a good route worker. coke pam moore>>: later in the broadcast: a bouncer beatdown outside a bay area nightclub. tonight: those security guards defend their actions. only on four. also: a kron viewer has some advice for people living in mobile homes near his business. we'll show you how those residents react to his criticism. next: a doggone shame. why many people in the bay area are being forced to abandon their pets. and kron 4 is celebrating black history month with a special: "selma to ferguson: what has changed." we talk civil rights with former mayor willie brown, journalist belva davis and the reverend jesse jackson. it's this saturday at 7 p-m. we hope you will tune in.
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pam moore>>: san francisco has a housing crisis. people facing evictions from their homes. and now, pets are becoming victims of the housing squeeze. the pets belong to people priced out of their houses and apartments. and the residents sadly end up putting their pets in the pound. the critters are losing their creature comforts and have to be taken in by the s-p-c-a. krista maloney of the s-p-c-a says, they're seeing more and more pet owners being forced to give up their four-legged family members. >>:it is harder to adopt out pets because of difficulty with housing. landowners will not allow pets in the building. pam moore>>: pets are surrendered because it's so tough to find pet friendly housing in the city. and since landlords are primarily concerned about potential damage. the s-p-c-a suggests owners include a pet resume when they are turned it.
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to explain that they will make a good pet for any new home. the real reason police hope you recognize this woman. who posed as a prostitute. and bouncers at a bay area nightclub break out batons. tonight: we'll explain whether or not that is *against* the law. reporter>>: temperature's were near an average today's afternoon and it will be about the same tomorrow. pam moore>>: and stay tuned for our inside edition coming up after the news
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pam moore>>: a violent confrontation between bouncers. and men denied entry at one point, the bouncers break out a baton! the actions have many wondering. whether that is even legal? kron 4's scott rates found out. scott rates>>: this incident happened on saturday night here behind me, and yes it was all
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caught on video. you're looking at video shot in front the fort one bar and lounge sat. night. the video that was uploaded on live links shows four men upset because they were not allowed in the club. you can one of the security guards tackle and throw a series of punches at one of the men, then moments later another guard uses a collapsible baton on the legs of a man standing in the street. i spoke to the head of security for the club as well as the clubs owner, they did not want to go on camera for security reasons but tell the action taken by their guards was not only warned but also followed protocol. he say his guards were only protecting themselves after one of the men alleged spit in a guards face and punched one of them. the clubs owner tells me the four men were not allowed in the club because they did not meet the dress code, and they were clearly overly intoxicated. he went on to say the safely of
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his guests is the clubs top priority. the head of security tells me his guards are trained and certified by the state and licensed to carry a baton still the video is causing controversy online. i am told that ss pd did arrest one of the men. the club owner did not choose to press charges. pam moore>>: mobile encampments in one san francisco neighborhood. appear to be growing and causing some residents grief. kron 4's alecia reid spoke with both the people who are homeless. and the residents bothered by their moving into the area. it's a story you'll see only on 4. alecia reid>>: here's an unpscale furniture storenearby is a homeless camper. a number of these line the streets of the design district. >> at some points we'll see 10 on a block. alecia reid>>: over the last few
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months will wick has seen an increase in the number of homeless campers near his workplace. just today the dept of public works forced out folks from a homeless encampment on 16th near vermont street. >> a lot of these homesless you see needles on the street. a lot of the campers do not have bathrooms alecia reid>>: dpw recovered over 18k hypodermic needles last year. crews pick up close to a ton of debris throughout the city each day. there is an "alley crew" that specifically targets homeless and mobile home encampments in known problem areas. >> dpw and the police will wake you up and kick you out. alecia reid>>: legally christopher eikin and all these other men can park their rv's in the same spot for 72 hours. after that they have to move. a rep from dpw says citizen alerts made through 3-11 are taken seriously.
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christopher says he understands how residents feel. he's constantly moving locations because of this same issue. and says until he finds a permanent home, this is his norm. reporting in protrero hill. pam moore>>: this story was brought to our attention by a viewer. if you have a story you would like to submit.head to our website kron 4 dot com.and click on the my-kron-4 tab. fremont police want to find a woman who they say. posed as a prostitute and ended up being a thief. earlier this month, they say a man picked up this woman. he told police, he thinks she drugged him. because he passed out during their encounter. and when he woke up. the woman -- and three men -- tied him up, beat him and robbed him. this woman is said to be italian or hispanic. 18-to-22 years old. with long black hair, red highlights -- and tattoos on her chest.
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mountain view police are looking for two burglars who targeted a high- end audio store last week. this is the surveillance video released today, showing the two exiting a van at 165- moffett in front of "audio high." it clearly shows them getting out of their van and smashing the window. before making off with a lot of merchandise. reporter>>: we spent most of the day in the clouds and temperature's reflected that. temperature's only got to a lower 60s which is about where we should be for this time of year. it continued in the '50s for much of the area. and francisco at 53 which--with richmond around 50. 54 in san jose and 56 right now. clouds will continue to linger over night. by tomorrow morning we will see some fog and low were lying areas but we will continue
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with a few more clouds, or cloudy conditions, along the coastlines. this low pressure system will bring in the high tide known as the king tied which will continue for about 24 hours. tomorrow morning into the 40's for the in an area with the bay coast in the lower 50s. a round area we have a handful of mid to upper 60s which is warmer and a few degrees above average for this time of year. if you are going to be along the peninsula we have some lower to mid 60s across much of the area. we will continue on with '60s for the rest of the week with friday in the upper 50s. the weekend will linger around the 70 mark.
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pam moore>>: in sports. the sharks take on the team with the best record in the n-h-l. and what did dray-mond green have to say about a report that he may leave the warriors? gary has that.and all the sports. next! and if you're a fan of people behaving badly. you won't want to miss this; a 1-hour special with stanley roberts. featuring the most ourtrageous and blatant examples of people behaving badly. it airs this friday at 9-pm.
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gary radnich>>: sharks/predators sharks in nashville. the music city. against the team with the best record in the nhl 1st period/ scoreless matthew irwin scores on the wrister 1-0 sharks 1st period/ 1-1 craig smith the splapper close in pt the predators up 2-1 2nd period/ 2-1 predators smith scores again.this time on the wristshot 3-1 nashville final: 5-1 predators sharks: 29-22-8 the first place warriors are off until friday night when they had bet. san bet--they head to san
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antonio. draymond grren thinking pistons? warriors forward draymond green has had a breakout season after being inserted as a starter this year but he will be a restricted free agent on july 1st according to adrian wojnarowski of yahoo sports the 24-year old "has significant interest" in pursuing an offer sheet from his home region detroit pistons green grew up in sagniaw michigan and attended michigan state the report also said that green last "long been intrigued" with returning to his home area if green signs an offer sheet with the pistons, the warriors would have 72 hours to either match the deal or let green walk re-signing him will probably take the warriors into the luxury tax but owner joe lacob is on record as saying they are willing to do that to keep green from madison square garden the
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the san francisco 49ers player aldon smith put his place on sale for 2.98 $8 million almost $3 million. if you follow the news there are some great memories and at home. not to mention can that man rush the passer. nearly 10 a. along with all the things that have gone on there you can walk those halls. meanwhile russel wilson is being blasted by the seattle media. he went and saw the movie that
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everyone is talking about. 50 shades of gray. people are saying with this sexual bondage he should not be in attendance because he is the well-known christian. it is another one of those stories i'm not losing too much sleep over. it is his business and if he wants to enjoy it.... i won't see that trash but... from madison square garden and the 139th westminster dog show the old english sheep dog "swagger" was the crowd favorite but didn;t place in the top two runner up the sky terrier "charlie" and best in show the beagle "miss p." she is the 2nd beagle to win best in show in westminster history "miss
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but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> "fifty shades of grey" stampede. >> there is a whole bunch of kids that started to run in. >> storming the theater. >> valentine's day flower fiasco. >> roses are dead and they were for you. >> they blew it. >> then, how cold is it? caught on tape. >> and hot thrash news flash. >> i started getting them when i was 41, about 20 years ago. >> can a woman suffer through decades of hot flashes. >> i wish my friend tracy morgan was here tonight. >> the big inside story where he was missing from the snl reunion. >> why lisa guerrero needed haz- mat gear to enter this house.


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